Pearl One Courtyard
pearl one courtyard

Down Payment Range: PKR 1,200,000 - PKR 4,000,000

Project Description

Pearl One Courtyard by ABS Developers, perfectly situated in the Tipu Sultan Block of Bahria Town, offers a selection of meticulously built 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments together with an ultimate living experience. As the area’s tallest megastructure, Pearl One Courtyard by ABS Developers is situated in the Tipu Sultan Block and features an outstanding 23-storey skyscraper that represents a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and refinement. Pearl One Courtyard is situated in close proximity to Ring Road and Canal Road, making it easily accessible.

Let’s delve into this remarkable real estate project in detail:

What’s on Offer:

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    Location Highlights:

    Location is a critical factor in real estate, especially when it comes to investors, and Pearl One Courtyard’s location in the Tipu Sultan Block of Bahria Town on Main Boulevard is extraordinary. Adjacent to Bahria Town High School, its accessibility is unmatched. Convenient access to notable locations is ensured by Pearl One Courtyard’s direct connection to Ring Road and Canal Road.

    Accessible locations from Pearl One Courtyard include the following:


    Pearl One Courtyard offers possession within 3 months and easy monthly installments. Booking starts at PKR 8 lacs only but this is just an introductory price. The payment plan plays a critical role in investing in any housing project. The payment plan for Pearl One Courtyard is also an important consideration for investors. Recently, developers released an easy payment plan with options for both residential and commercial investments, catering to the budgets of all investors. Moreover, investors can select a plan that best suits their needs with the Pearl One Courtyard Payment Plan, which consists of 25 monthly and 5 half-yearly affordable instalments. Let’s examine Pearl One Courtyard‚Äôs residential and commercial payment plans in more depth.

    Pearl One Courtyard Commercial Instalment Plan

    On the first floor of Pearl One Courtyard, you can invest in commercial space measuring 500 square feet or 1000 square feet. The following is the Pearl One Courtyard’s payment plan:

    Pearl One Courtyard Residential Instalment Plan

    Pearl One Courtyard’s residential sector offers a 2.5-year, affordable installment plan. You have the following options to make an investment in Pearl One Courtyard:

    • 1-bedroom apartment 500 sq. ft.
    • 2-bedroom apartment, 800 sq. ft.
    • 3-bedroom apartment 1900 sq. ft.

    The Pearl One Courtyard developers offer 25 monthly installments and 5 half-yearly installments for investors. Let’s discuss the payment plan of Pearl One Courtyard Residential in detail:

    Detailed payment plan (Introductory payment plan) of the project can be viewed in the image.

    Key Features:

    Modish Style

    A testament to contemporary aesthetics is Pearl One Courtyard’s architectural wonder. In addition to being magnificent and gigantic, the 23-storey structure has a modern design that blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

    Expansive Living

    At Pearl One Courtyard, every apartment is designed to maximize living space. Well-designed floor plans ensure spacious and functional interiors that foster a calm and contented ambiance for occupants.

    Unparalleled Scenic Views

    With its spectacular views of Bahria Town, Pearl One Courtyard is ideally located in the Tipu Sultan Block. Inhabitants enjoy expansive views directly from the balconies of their majestic residences, providing peace amidst the busy cityscape because of its perfect position.

    Flexible Options for Apartments

    To cater to the diverse preferences of investors and inhabitants, Pearl One Courtyard presents a wide array of apartment layouts, guaranteeing a home well-matched to various lifestyles. This project can accommodate every kind of requirement, be it a huge three-bedroom apartment, a lively two-bedroom place, or a comfortable one-bedroom hideaway.

    Location Strategy

    Nestled in the heart of Bahria Town, Pearl One Courtyard offers great access to all the essential amenities and easy access to entertainment and educational venues. In particular, the Tipu Sultan Block endorses a lively and unified sense of community.

    Amenities & Facilities at Pearl One Courtyard

    Pearl One Courtyard offers a wide array of modern amenities catering to residents’ varied needs, including fitness centers, leisure spaces, and communal areas designed for socializing. The project aims to enhance residents’ quality of life by offering a complete and comprehensive living environment.

    The striking Pearl One Courtyard project provides a wealth of opulent features and amenities. More than forty amenities are included to offer residents and visitors an unmatched quality of life. Every element of the Pearl One courtyard is expertly designed to the close attention to detail, guaranteeing a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. Let’s explore the outstanding amenities and facilities of Pearl One Courtyard by ABS Developers:

    CCTV surveillance

    The modern CCTV surveillance systems of Pearl One Courtyard are positioned with well-placed CCTV surveillance equipment. Pearl One Courtyard ensures the safety and security of its residents and their belongings. A safe and quiet living environment is provided by the round-the-clock surveillance monitoring.

    Round-the-clock Room Services

    Room services are available to the residents 24/7, providing quick and effective support for various requirements, such as maintenance requests, special arrangements, and more. The dedicated team guarantees efficient and timely services in accordance with residents’ needs.

    Parking in a double-storey basement

    Pearl One Courtyard boasts a spacious two-storey basement parking facility, providing sufficient and secure parking for both residents and visitors. The well-maintained and well-lit parking area ensures a hassle-free parking experience for the residents at Pearl One Courtyard.

    Ten Dedicated Lifts

    Ten dedicated lifts make the Pearl One Courtyard building easily accessible for inhabitants and visitors. These lifts are designed to be both opulent and functional, and offer a swift and comfortable conveyance experience.

    Luxurious Grand Mall

    The Pearl One Courtyard hosts a spacious and luxurious mall featuring a wide range of high-end retail shops, restaurants, and clothing stores. It offers its residents convenient access to world-class dining and shopping options.

    Corporate Offices

    The addition of corporate offices at Pearl One Courtyard nurtures a dynamic center for commercial happenings, enhancing its diverse atmosphere. This infusion of commercial spaces adds enthusiasm and an international dash to the Pearl One Courtyard, magnifying its lively ambiance.

    Serene Mosque

    Nestled within Pearl One Courtyard, there is a gorgeously crafted mosque that offers residents and visitors a calm space for prayer and peace of mind. This spiritual sanctuary raises a sense of unity among the community, emphasizing its fundamental role in promoting spiritual well-being among its inhabitants.


    A large, well-stocked library for avid readers is about to set up in Pearl One Courtyard. Reading a variety of literary works encourages residents to share information and learn from one another, which emphasizes the advancement of intellectual endeavors in the community.

    Courts for badminton and tennis

    The on-site badminton and tennis courts help athletes stay fit and active. These amenities allow residents to enjoy healthy leisure activities in the comfort of their neighborhood.

    Fitness Center

    Fitness enthusiasts can use a state-of-the-art gym that is furnished with the newest equipment and facilities. Without ever having to go outside the marvelous building, residents can continue to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

    The excellent planning and implementation of these facilities and services, which provide a tranquil and opulent living environment for its inhabitants, demonstrate Pearl One Courtyard’s dedication to quality.



    Pearl One Courtyard 1 bedroom apartment

    1 Bedroom Apartment

    Pearl One Courtyard

    Booking From:

    PKR 1,200,000

    Installment From:

    PKR 15,000/SQ.FT

    Pearl one Courtyard 2 Bedroom Apartment

    2 Bedroom Apartment

    Pearl One Courtyard

    Booking From:

    PKR 2000,000

    Installment From:

    PKR 15,000/SQ.FT

    3 Bed Apartment

    3 Bedroom Apartment

        Pearl One Courtyard

    Booking From:

    PKR 4,000,000

    Installment From:

    PKR 15,000/SQ.FT

    Owners and Developers of Pearl One Courtyard

    Let’s now dig into the history of ABS Developers, the visionaries behind the remarkable project Pearl One Courtyard. This significant real estate group has built its name on a steadfast dedication to creating exceptional real estate developments. ABS Developers has been a leader in the market by focusing on providing creative and sustainable solutions and transforming urban living spaces via its forward-thinking designs.

    Pearl One Courtyard’s extensive portfolio showcases a variety of residential and commercial real estate projects, all of which exhibit a commitment to fine expertise and painstaking attention to detail. Notably, ABS Developers is praised for their honest business methods and promptness in completing project deadlines. Clients looking to create not only structures but long-lasting lifestyles within their constructions now feel more confident with Pearl One Courtyard and its developers.

    Furthermore, their devotion to Shariah-compliant methodology has been essential to the successful completion of a number of projects, such as Pearl One Tower and ABS Mall. The 160,000-square-foot ABS Mall was designed to provide investors with affluent residential communities and high-end shopping experiences.

    Another brilliant example of ABS Developers’ elegance and success, Pearl One Tower offers residents an unmatched standard of living. This project was astonishingly finished in less than 20 months and is now ready for occupation, demonstrating their effectiveness and commitment to keeping their word.

    Final Word:

    Pearl One Courtyard, after Bahria Town Lahore, is essentially the ultimate in Pakistan’s real estate sector. The marketing of this incredible project is in the capable hands of Blue Get in touch with Blue to learn more about the options and to take advantage of the best offers made by their well-informed real estate agents, so you can be a part of this incredible endeavor. Make a smart decision and invest in Pearl One Courtyard with

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    FAQs of Pearl One Courtyard

    Pearl One Courtyard is one of the approved projects located in Bahria Town. Pearl One Courtyard’s NOC is approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and all other related regulatory authorities.

    Pearl One Courtyard provides easy and flexible payment plans for both commercial apartments and residential apartments.

    You can contact +92-3-111-654-444 and speak to one of our experts.

    Pearl One Courtyard is well situated on Main Boulevard in Bahria Town’s Tipu Sultan Block. It’s next to the Bahria Town High School.

    Pearl One Courtyard offers an easy Payment Plan, which consists of 25 monthly and 5 half-yearly affordable instalments.

    Subayyal Ikram is the Chief Executive Officer of renowned ABS Developers.

    The developers of Pearl One Courtyard are ABS Developer, a reputable real estate group known for their commitment to creating exceptional living spaces on easy instalments. They’ve gained recognition for their quality and reliability in the real estate sector with an emphasis on creative designs.