blue world city

Down Payment Range: PKR 87,500 - PKR 6,500,000

Project Description

Blue World City stands as the flagship project of the BGC-IGC Consortium, a collaboration between Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of Companies. Covering an extensive land area exceeding 2.5 lac Kanal, this Blue World City development is poised to develop into the world’s largest tourist city. Nestled adjacent to the New Islamabad Airport on Chakri Road, this modern enclave offers Residential plots for sale in Blue World City and Commercial plots for sale in Blue World City complemented by flexible payment plans. Situated along the Lahore – Islamabad motorway M2, Blue World City’s strategic proximity to the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) route and the new Islamabad International Airport solidifies its standing as one of Pakistan’s leading projects, offering budget-friendly 4-year payment plans for savvy investors.

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    The main factor attracting investors to Blue World City Islamabad is its ideal location along the CPEC route. Its prime location on Chakri Road, next to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, which is close to the Chakri Interchange guarantees convenient access for both residents and investors, with the added benefit of being close to the New Islamabad International Airport.

    Blue World City offers easy accessibility from several renowned routes, some of them are detailed below:

    Blue World City is the world’s largest tourist city which aims to boost tourism by developing world-class destinations like:

    Features and Amenities

    BWC offers a wide array of amenities and facilities that ensure an extravagant lifestyle, including:

    • International standard infrastructure
    • 24/7 availability of basic utilities, including water, gas, and electricity
    • Magnificent mosques
    • Underground utility supply
    • Premium educational institutions
    • Efficient drainage and waste disposal systems
    • Modern and expansive business hubs
    • Stunningly designed parks
    • Commercial Plazas
    • Gated Community
    • The largest water theme park
    • Police stations
    • Paved Walkways
    • Hospitals and pharmacies
    • A wide range of residential plots and commercial plots

    Each block of Blue World City projects its own distinct charm, offering exclusive features and top-tier services. Let’s have a look at the blocks and their diverse features:

    Sports Valley

    Sports Valley is located in Blue World City Islamabad, the world’s largest tourist city, and is directly accessible from Defence Road. The Sports Valley in Blue World City Islamabad is set to become the finest block of the society, offering a wide range of outstanding facilities. This block will feature Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium, Torch Hotel, Villaggio Mall, and a replica of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

    Key features

    • The largest cricket stadium
    • Villaggio Mall
    • Torch Hotel
    • Blue Mosque Replica
    • Commercial Hubs
    • Apartment Complexes
    • Open-Air Gymnasiums
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance
    • Recreational Parks
    Sports Valley 5 Marla Residential Plot

    Shoaib Akhtar Enclave

    The most recent addition to Blue World City is the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave, strategically located adjacent to the Sports Valley. The developers have proudly announced an MOU with the legendary cricketer, Mr. Shoaib Akhtar, who will also be the strategic partner of the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave. In this enclave, we are expecting signature villas will be offered in various sizes, including 6 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal options.

    Key features

    • Signature entrance
    • Paved roads
    • Comprehensive delivery of all the necessary utilities.
    • Dancing Fountains
    • Grand Mosque
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance

    Waterfront District

    The Waterfront District, known as “Pakistan’s First Real Waterfront Community,” provides quiet, scenic living next to natural waterfalls. The Blue World City Waterfront District is in a fantastic location. The cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are conveniently accessible from the Waterfront District. The finest standards of construction, along with premium amenities and a distinctive design, make this project the best-selling project.

    Key features

    • Homes amidst natural waters
    • Paved roads and a 208-feet-wide main boulevard
    • Natural lakes and water streams
    • Water Sports
    • Mini Golf
    • Outdoor Cinemas
    • Floating Restaurant
    • Complete provision of all the necessary utilities.
    • Dancing Fountains
    • Grand Mosque
    • Commercial Zone
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance

    Hollywood Block

    The Hollywood Block is located next to Trafalgar Square in Blue World City, the world’s largest tourist city in Pakistan. The twin cities’ most notable landmarks are not far from this magnificent project.

    The Hollywood Block is the embodiment of the authentic Hollywood experience, succeeded by the General Block. Similar to Hollywood, the site was picked because it is elevated and provides a picturesque view of the rest of evolution. Plots of various sizes, including 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanals, and 4 Kanals, are available in Hollywood Block.

    Key features

    • 5-minute drive from Rawalpindi Ring Road
    • Inspired by the flashiness of Hollywood
    • Lavish apartments, chic amenities, and a touch of Hollywood-style extravagance
    • Gated Community
    • Hollywood Insignia
    • Exclusive Clubhouse
    • Multiplex Cinema
    • Gated community within a gated society
    • Plots of choice
    • Grand Mosque
    • Thinker’s Club
    • Commercial Squares
    • Expansive Green Areas
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance

    Awami Block

    Awami Block, also known as the most affordable block in Blue World City Islamabad, offers a chance to build your own 4.5-marla house at a very affordable price. Awami Block is situated close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 and the recently proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, on Adyala Road. A 712 feet high, huge entrance gate, resembling Atlantis Gate in Dubai will welcome the visitors and investors.

    Key features

    • A gated community
    • Grand Entrance
    • OIC Monument
    • Family Parks
    • Grand Mosque
    • Hospital
    • Water Filtration Plant
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance
    Awami Block 4.5 Marla Residential Plot

    GENERAL Block

    The General Block is a revolutionary block in Blue World City, Islamabad. It not only offers a luxurious lifestyle but also simplifies the investor’s financial life by offering plots that are incredibly economical. This was one of the first blocks to be launched in Blue World City and the possession has already been given to the investors in this block.

    Key features

    • Serene Villas
    • Imitation of Capitol Hill
    • Central Park
    • Grand Mosque
    • Commercial Zone
    • Flagship Campus of Forces School
    • Hospital
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance
    • Cost-effective residential and commercial plots

    General Block Phase II

    After the successful completion of General Block, Blue World City presents General Block Phase II. This ideal and highly profitable investment opportunity can benefit investors if they want to receive high returns on their investment (ROI).

    Key features

    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance
    • Cost-effective residential and commercial plots
    • Gated community
    • Lush green parks
    • Grand Mosque
    general block phase 2

    Overseas Block

    Affluent in facilities, this lively block is located right in the middle of Sunset Avenue in Blue World City. Phase VII of Bahria Town is closely connected to this Block as well.

    The Overseas Block within Blue World City is thoughtfully designed to offer Overseas Pakistanis an opportunity to indulge in a high-quality real estate lifestyle within their homeland.

    Key features

    • Exclusively planned and developed for an international-standard lifestyle
    • Connected directly with Bahria Town, Phase VII
    • Exclusive Golf Club
    • Family Parks
    • State-of-the-art Hospital
    • Overseas Lagoon Club
    • Green Service Area
    • E-tag Controlled Entrance
    • 24/7 Safety and Surveillance
    • Residential and commercial plots
    overseas block


    Tourist Attractions

    Prepare to be overwhelmed by these eye-catching massive horse sculptures with their towering heights and striking expressions. 125 ft. high, Guinness-record-worthy megastructures featuring the 50th franchise of Second Cup Coffee Company.

    The World's Tallest Horse Mascots

    Prepare to be overwhelmed by these eye-catching massive horse sculptures with their towering heights and striking expressions. 125 ft. high, Guinness-record-worthy megastructures featuring the 50th franchise of Second Cup Coffee Company.

    A height of architectural excellence, 26-storey Blue World City Tower will undoubtedly become a well-known landmark in Blue World City. It would be a 470-foot-tall megastructure that spans over 174 kanals. It will have dining areas, entertainment areas, a rooftop viewing deck, and a helipad.

    Water Theme Park

    Get ready for aquatic adventures in this thrilling water theme park. Spanning over an impressive area of 70,000 square meters, Pakistan’s first theme-based water park is inspired by wild wadi in Dubai and will be built on the Madagascar theme, with over 20 world-class hot rides and a dedicated kids’ playing area. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping slides or a relaxing swim, this park promises fun for all ages.

    Capitol Hill

    Nestled within Blue World City’s General Block, Capitol Hill will mirror the iconic landmark found in Washington, DC. It’s tailor-made for corporate offices, harmonizing contemporary elements with elegance. This locale is poised to accommodate both commercial and recreational zones, establishing itself as a bustling center for shopping and leisure activities.

    Torch Hotel

    Drawing inspiration from the iconic Torch Tower in Doha, this hotel, managed by an international chain, is set to offer opulent housing for guests in the Sports Valley of Blue World City. It aims to redefine the standards of hospitality and luxurious living.

    Dubai Frame

    Another distinctive feature within the expansive domain of Blue World City, the Dubai Frame, will catch the eye of visitors even before they step into the world’s largest tourist city in Pakistan, Blue World City Islamabad. This structure seamlessly blends modernity and tradition, providing not only panoramic views but also cultural revelations.

    Blue Mosque Replica

    The Blue Mosque within Blue World City is set to cover a widespread area of approximately 104 Kanal, imitating the inspiring design and tranquil atmosphere of the original Istanbul Blue Mosque in Turkey. The ground level occupies 7,946 square meters, while the basement, spanning 5,018.52 square meters, is designed to accommodate large worshipers and host various religious events. The interior, considered to house 15,000 people, covers a fascinating and spacious layout, precisely constructed by renowned architects.

    pakistan largest cricket stadium in blue world city

    Blue World City’s cricket stadium in the Sports Valley covering 1200 Kanals is set to be a game-changer, aiming to become Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium with a seating capacity of over 55,000 spectators and ample parking space for 15,000 vehicles. This cricket stadium is one of the reasons to invest in Blue World City Islamabad. The stadium’s strategic location near G+25 commercial centers and large apartment complexes ensures an optimal viewing experience for both visitors and residents. Furthermore, the sports valley will feature 25 recreational parks with dedicated courts for various sports, including volleyball, futsal, basketball, badminton, and tennis, along with additional amenities like a bowling alley, open-air gyms, hiking trails, and cycling tracks.

    Rumi Square

    Rumi Square

    Enter a setting infused with the enduring wisdom of Rumi, offering a space for meditation and connection with the profound teachings of the great poet. Embodying the essence of Maulana Jalal ud Din Muhammad Rumi, Rumi’s Square will rise as a 70-feet-tall landmark in the core of Blue World City.

    Villaggio Mall

    Taking inspiration from the grand mall in Doha, Sports Valley will soon introduce Villaggio Mall, featuring commercial plots available for purchase. This vibrant destination will cater to a wide range of shoppers and families, providing a delightful experience. Each of these attractions adds a unique dimension to Blue World City, making it an ideal destination for tourists and a testament to architectural and cultural excellence.

    Forces school

    The eagerly anticipated update is also here. The registration process for admissions to the recently opened branch of the “The Forces School & College System (FSCS)” in Blue World City has also been started by the management. With a team of esteemed professors, FSCS aims to deliver world-class education using modern teaching techniques and a curriculum that emphasizes both academic excellence and character development.

    blue world city economic zone

    Economic Growth and a Tourism Hub

    Blue World City isn’t solely a residential project; it functions as an economic zone catalyst. The development has already generated numerous job opportunities, contributing significantly to the region’s economic prosperity. What sets it apart is its ambition to become the world’s largest tourist city in Pakistan, featuring imitations of famous international landmarks and tourist attractions.

    NOC Approval and Legal Standing

    Although there have been discussions regarding Blue World City’s NOC (No Objection Certificate), it is important to make clear that the project is carefully pursuing approval from PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency) and RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Blue world City is one of the best commercial projects in Islamabad. This is a usual practice for housing societies, and Blue World City is also going to become one of the NOC-approved housing societies in Pakistan. You can also track Blue World City’s NOC status on the official website Government of Punjab website.




    3 Marla Residential Plot

    Blue Town Lahore

    Booking From:

    PKR 299,250

    Installment From:

    PKR 19,950


    5 Marla Residential Plot

    Sports Valley, Blue World City

    Booking From:

    PKR 150,000

    Installment From:

    PKR 23,750


    6 Marla Residential Plot

    Waterfront District, Blue World City

    Booking From:

    PKR 175,000

    Installment From:

    PKR 21,000

    4.5 Marla Residential Plot
    Awami Block Blue World City

    Booking From:

    PKR 87,500

    Installment From:

    PKR 9,750

    About the Developer

    Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of Companies (BGC-IGC) Consortium, one of Pakistan’s rapidly expanding and diversifying conglomerates, is primarily focused on Blue World City Islamabad. Spearheading this project are key figures like Mr. Saad Nazir (Chairman – Blue World City), Mr. Nadeem Ijaz (CEO – Blue World City), Mr. Naeem Ijaz (CEO – Blue Hills and Country Farms), and Mr. Burair Nazir (CEO – Blue World Trade Center). Their collaboration in the real estate sector commenced in 2018 in Rawalpindi, introducing Blue World City as their flagship project.

    This partnership expanded to encompass another housing project, Blue Town, located in Lahore, firmly establishing their cooperative presence within the BGC & IGC consortium. This strategic alliance underscores their commitment to pioneering transformative real estate projects in Pakistan’s dynamic property landscape. Mr. Saad Nazir, the potential next Pakistani real estate tycoon, has played a pivotal role in transforming Pakistan’s real estate investment market. His projects have garnered significant investors’ attention. His contributions have not only impacted the real estate sector but have also contributed to Pakistan’s economy.

    Blue has got updated and authentic information on real-estate sector and is an ultimate guide if you are looking for the properties within your budget. To stay updated on Real Estate insights, please contact us or visit

    Blue World City, located near Chakri Interchange on Main Chakri Road, offers seamless connectivity to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is just a 5-minute drive from Rawalpindi Ring Road and 20 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport.

    The Blue Group of Companies and Imperium Group of Companies, known as the BGC-IGC Consortium, is a rapidly growing group in Pakistan, with a prime focus on Blue World City, Islamabad. Leading this initiative are key figures: Mr. Saad Nazir, Chairman of Blue World City; Mr. Nadeem Ijaz, CEO of Blue World City; Mr. Naeem Ijaz, CEO of Blue Hills and Country Farms; and Mr. Burair Nazir, CEO of Blue World Trade Center.

    Yes, investing in Blue World City Islamabad is quite safe as it is developing day by day. The Blue world city NOC is also under process, and due to this, smart investors are most likely to invest in this affordable housing society.

    Blue World City Covers an extensive land area exceeding 2.5 lac Kanal, this development is poised to develop into the world’s largest tourist city in Pakistan, offering a wide range of investment options, including flexible payment plans for residential and commercial plots.

    Blue World City, a legitimate housing society in Pakistan, is undergoing approval from the RDA and PHATA, marking a significant step in Pakistan’s real estate investment.

    Blue world City offers an excellent location on Main Canal Road and a quick access to important locations like Multan Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Bahria Town. The project emphasizes on eco-friendly infrastructure and effective waste management techniques. The project offers budget-friendly payment plans and promising ROI, making it accessible to an extensive range of investors and homeowners.

    Blue World City offers both residential and commercial plots to meet various needs of investors and homeowners.

    The down payment for plots in Blue World City ranges from PKR 87,500 to PKR 550,000, depending on the plot size.

    The payment plan for residential plots in Blue World City starts with a minimum monthly installment as low as PKR 9,750.

    To book your property in Blue World City, you can contact professional realtors at They will guide you through the investment process efficiently so you can make an informed decision.